World Conference on Computer and Information Technology

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The field of computer science and information technology is so extensive that it would be impossible for any event to cover even a fraction of topics that matter a great deal on local and international levels. That’s why the computer science conference is striving to build a network around the event – members of academia, researchers, scholars, members of for- and non-profit organizations who connect via the event but continue to add value to each other’s work long after the conference is over. Research papers will encompass topics like algorithm design, parallel computing, relational databases, software engineering, hardware and software co-design, information economics and management, video analytics, nano computing, and numerous others. Hosted in the beautiful city of Vienna, Information Technology conferences 2023 also welcomes those who can’t travel to the venue and would like to attend the event virtually.
Join STECONF, present your research, learn from your peers, network, find potential collaborators and identify funding opportunities, get published in prestigious academic journals – the possibilities are endless.

Vienna , Austria
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