Global Conference on Advanced Research in Image Processing

Global Conference on Advanced Research in Image Processing
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The Global Conference on Advanced Research in Image Processing is coming to Vienna on  March 2023.
The field of image processing is crucial to progress in such areas as healthcare, manufacturing, computer science, and numerous others. This academic event will feature research on a wide range of subjects: image manipulation, volumetric imaging, pattern recognition, skin cancer detection, artificial intelligence, multidimensional signal processing, visualization, and numerous others.
By attending the event, you will be immersing yourself in an interactive learning environment, designed to feature presentations in a variety of formats to maximize learning and engagement opportunities.
However, to make the most of the event, we recommend taking advantage of the networking sessions dispersed throughout the program. This will allow you to better understand the experiences and backgrounds of your peers, potentially inspiring your own research, as well as identify partnership and funding opportunities for your next research project.

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