3rd World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

3rd World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education
توضیح کامل

Calls for papers

Education Theory and Practice

Educational Foundations

Education Practice trends and Issues

Theory and Practice of Physical Education Development

Teaching Materials and Course ware Construction

Education and Research Management

Educational Measurement and Evaluation

Teaching method Promote


Curriculum, Research and Development

Counselor Education

Education Policy and Administration

Educational Administration

Education Policy and Leadership

Rural Education

Student Affairs

Lifelong Education

Education, Research and Globalization

Teacher Education

Education and Management

Continuous Education

Higher Education

Public Education Policy

Comparison of Sports Education in Different Cultures

Sports for health education

Adult and Continuing Education

Child and Family Education

Early Childhood Education

Teaching Talent Training

Special Education

Home Education

Elementary Education

Primary Education

Secondary Education

Comparison of Child Education in Different Countries


Lifelong Learning


Teaching and Learning

Learning Difficulties

Learning Psychology

Inductive reasoning

Machine Learning

Language Acquisition


Science Education
Social Studies Education
Business Education
Music Education
Art Education
Adult Education
Health Education
Language Education _ ELT / FLT
Mathematics Education
Health Education
Human Resource Development
Medium Education
Assessment and Evaluation

آدرس وبسایت
Prague, Czech
تاریخ برگزاری
23rd-25th of April 2021