3rd International Conference on Applied Research in Education

3rd International Conference on Applied Research in Education
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New Trends & Modern Approaches

Technology Integration

Creative Teaching Methods

Alternative Ways of Teaching

Team Teaching & Interdisciplinary Integration


Innovations in Education Raising Scientific Literacy

Educational Games as a Learning Method

Learning & Teaching through Arts

Extracurricular Activities

English as a second language (ESL)

English as a foreign language (EFL)

Early Childhood Education

Primary & Secondary Education

Undergraduate Education

Post-Graduate Education

Adult Education

Vocational Training

Informal Learning

Life-Long Learning

Employability Issues

Brain & Learning


Music Education

Arts Education

Discourse Analysis

Emerging Technologies & Education

E-Learning Initiatives


Adaptation to New Technologies

Social Networks

Smart Phones & Mobile Applications

Didactic Games

Online Classroom

Interactive Whiteboard

E-Management of Schools

Simulation & Animation

Interactive Whiteboard


Blended Learning

Advanced Classroom Technologies

Online/Virtual Laboratories

Open Universities & Distance Education

Online Assessment


Virtual Learning

Learning Management Systems

Social & Digital Media

Educational Multimedia

Animation & 3D Applications

Digital Libraries

Open Resources

Learning Analytics

Plagiarism Technologies

Digital-Age School

Managed Learning Environments (MLEs)

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS)

Virtual Conferences & Workshops

Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs)

Educational Software

Virtual Reality

Pedagogical Methods & Innovations

Innovative Teaching Models

Homework & Flipped Learning

Collaborative & Problem-Based Learning

Game-Based Learning

Active & Experiential Learning


Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Language Learning Innovations

STEM Education

Tutoring & Mentoring

Learning Space Design

Curriculum Design & Lesson Planning

Pedagogical Innovations

Courses, Tutorials & Labs

Blended Learning

Collaborative Learning

Classroom Management


Education-Industry Cooperation

Skill Needs of Labour Market

Career Counseling

Internship Programmes

University Start-Ups

Workplace Learning


Entrepreneurship Education

University-Industry-Government Partnership

Patents & Technology Transfer

Inclusive Learning & Special Education

Multicultural Inclusion

Refugees & Migrants Cultural Challenges

Pupils with Special Needs

Talented Pupils

Diversity Issues

Women & Minorities

Poverty & Literacy

Gender-Segregated Education

Personality Development

Teaching to Restless & Disruptive Pupils

Equality in Education

Indigenous Education

Educating Individuals with Sensory & Motor Disabilities

Educating Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Lifespan Transitions

Universal Design for Learning

Assistive Technologies

Access to Internet

Learning Barriers

Behavioral Problems

Home Schooling

Boarding Schools

Education & International Cooperation

Exchange Programmes

Erasmus+ Programme Experiences

The Bologna Process & ECTS Experiences

International Projects

Joint Education & Research Programmes

University Networks

Funding Programmes

Bilingual Education

Evaluation & Quality in Education

Evaluation & Assessment

Self-Evaluation Skills

Standardized Testing

Quality Processes

Plagiarism & Intellectual Property Rights

Peer Review

Knowledge Evaluation

Graduation Exams

Verbal Assessment of Knowledge

Evaluation of Research Tasks

Project Work Assessment

Collaborative Learning Assessment

Laboratory Work Evaluation

New Trends in Research

Research Methodologies

Academic Research Projects

Research Centres & Programmes

Young Researchers & Education

Developing Research & Experimental Work

Links between Education & Research

Research in Education

Global Implications of Education


Global Challenges of Education

Organizational, Legal & Financial Aspects

Government Policy Issues

Impacts of Economic Crisis

Ethical Issues in Education

Education for Sustainability

Leadership & Educational Management

Community Engagement

Youth Participation

Cross Boarder Education & Exchange Programs

Teaching-Learning Relationship

Student -Teacher Relationship

Teacher Role in Learning Process

Education & Counseling

Science & Technology Education

Student Support

Language Education

Health & Sports Education

Extra-Curricular Activities

Q&S in Educational Curriculum & Pedagogy

Facilitation Programs

Mentorship & Professional Guide

Multicultural & Intercultural Communications

Organizational Challenges of Education

Management of Educational Institutions

Staff Training, Evaluation & Assessment

Role of Administration & Management

Policy & Directions

Economics in Education

Organizational Accreditation

Ethics in Education

Norms & Values

Organizational Culture

Personality Development


Parental Involvement

Teacher Unions

Teacher Development & Training

ICT Skills Development

Learning & Memory

Brain & Learning
Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience
Creativity & Efficient Learning
Techniques for Pattern Recognition
Cognitive Strategies
Modern Strategies of Memory Training
Analogy Learning
Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroeducation

آدرس وبسایت
Barcelona, Spain
تاریخ برگزاری
04-06 ,June, 2021